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Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Many of us remember the amazing film of the sci-fi genre called BLADE RUNNER, the movie show us 2019 year, when humanity was divided into two classes: people and replicants (artificial intelligence, robots whose task is to help humanity). The creators of the robots made for them some restrictions, the life of the robot lasts four years, after that he dies, but some did not want to die or be slaves, they escaped. A law enforcement officer, called Blade Runner, had to destroy the runaway robots. When a group of replicants of the model Nexus-6 makes an escape, Rick Deckard and his team must go in search of the group and destroy them. The action of the movie BLADE RUNNER 2049 unfolds after 30 years, the main character – LAPD’s officer and blade runner K. While investigating, he arrives at a farm and killed a replicant outlaw, then he finds a buried box on the farm, and, after making an examination, he observes that this is the body of a replicant woman who died after cesarean section. K was shocked, because the pregnancy of replicants was impossible. To find out the details and solve the riddle, K goes in search of the former blade runner – Rick Deckard, now they need to find a child together. Sci-fi movie BLADE RUNNER 2049 liked the majority of viewers, film critics positively reacted to the movie, and we advise you to watch this sci-fi movie, because it can become a reality, robots become more human each day, and, probably, soon on our planet will not walk only people, but also robots...

Baywatch (2017) Baywatch (2017)

For some people, the beach is a rest, but for the rescue team it's a job, every day they stand guard and train. This story tells us about the rescue team, Mitch Buchannon, in his entire career, he saved more than 500 people, and now, together with his team, is trying to investigate the drug case. In one day, on one of the beaches of the Pacific, they find a package of drugs, giving them to the police; they understand that someone is engaged in drug trafficking nearby. Recently, a wealthy lady named Victoria Leeds bought a house along with the beach, Mitch suspects that drugs can be associated with her, but he need some proof. A young guy who was able to win two gold medals in swimming, came to work as a rescuer, Matt Brody believes that he doesn't need any tests, and he can save people from drowning. Mitch announces the set in the team and together with Matt will compete two more guys. To save his team from dismissal and end the drug trade, Mitch and Matt attend the Victoria's party, now they need to prove her involvement in drugs and put her in jail...

The Commuter (2018) The Commuter (2018)

Michael MacCauley lives an ordinary life, he has a good family, a house and every day he goes on the same train to his work. For many years, he remembered almost every passenger of the train, but one day in the train car he notices an unknown woman. Joanna studies the behavior of people, she offers Michael to play with her some game, for which he promises a reward of 75,000 dollars. MacCauley thinks that this is a joke, but he finds the promised money and from this moment his quiet life ends. During the time when the train arrives at the destination site, Michael needs to solve the new formed problems, and understand what is happening on the train. Calm life turns into a real nightmare...

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

Scott Lang, known as Ant-Man, thanks to his suit's ability, and skill to find solutions to difficult situations, he became a member of the Avengers team. But now he doesn't have time to save the world, all his free time he is trying to be with his daughter, and so only San Francisco can't be afraid of absolutely nothing. But soon, the former S.H.E.L.D. agent Hank Pym, urges Scott to perform a new dangerous mission and meet with a new threat. Alone, he can't cope with the task, so to protect the world will be Ant-Man and the Wasp. Hank made a new, improved costume for his daughter Hope van Dyne with wings and blasters, better than Ant-Man's has. The new team is ready to save humanity!..

Do you want an adrenaline rush and watch a really fascinating movie that grabs your attention from the very beginning and keeps your interest to the end? Then thriller will be an excellent choice, and we recommend watching them in a good quality on our website.

Why thrillers? They are extremely realistic, and even being a 100% fiction he will give a viewer a great pleasure. He holds his breath and waits for what will happen next moment. Thrillers are very similar to horror and mystery movies, but unlike the first, there are rare scenes of violence, and unlike the second, the thriller is less dynamic. The beginning of the movie is relatively peaceful, without any drive, and can seem even boring from the first sight. But what happens next? The plot of the movie begins to develop so quickly that the audience can hardly follow it. Being so realistic thriller is one of the favorite movie categories for millions of people. Sometimes it even produces a terrifying effect, because you are completely lost in the atmosphere of the movie, as if it all happens to you. The more unpredictable is the ending, the more interesting it is to watch thrillers in good quality on

Some genres of cinema were accepted by the audience only after a while, thrillers immediately became very popular, because no other genre of cinema in the 30's allowed to feel such intense emotions. What's interesting is that the elements of comedy were typical for thrillers at first, but after the Second World War they became gloomy. Spy thrillers are in great demand as well as thrillers telling about robberies and scam. It is not so easy to find such thrillers in good quality. Our aim is to help you. There is such a great collection of movies on our website that it will be not so easy to choose one. We will help you - start with the very first movie, because all the thrillers we have on our website are cool in their own way. They deserve the general acceptance of audience, and when such movie is on screen the cinema is full.

But keep in mind you will need much nerves while watching thrillers. Despite the absence of scenes of violence in movies there is always a place for chases and shootings. That is why these movies are to be watched without children. As for special effects, they are present not in every movie, but it's ok, because the thrillers are quite good without them. Just relax, find a comfortable pose in an armchair or bed and sink into a world of a mysterious, but so realistic and fascinating thriller. You will not be bored for sure.