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Hotel Artemis (2018) Hotel Artemis (2018)

Another robbery goes not according to plan, one robber was wounded, and he urgently needs medical help. The people of the criminal world know that only in the Hotel Artemis they can be helped. The secret hotel owner is a nurse, and she is ready to shelter every criminal, in return she only requires to follow the rules of the hotel. But someone began to violate the most important rule - you shouldn't kill other sick...

Robin Hood (2018) Robin Hood (2018)

This is the story of one of the most famous criminals who robbed rich people to give their gold to the poor, and always defended the helpless — his name is Robin Hood. He masterfully owns a bow and arrows and can easily rob everyone, but he never took gold for himself. He does not stop robbing the rich, and they decide to nominate a reward for his head, now he has too many enemies, and only one best friend named Little John, who can help Robin Hood...

The Commuter (2018) The Commuter (2018)

Michael MacCauley lives an ordinary life, he has a good family, a house and every day he goes on the same train to his work. For many years, he remembered almost every passenger of the train, but one day in the train car he notices an unknown woman. Joanna studies the behavior of people, she offers Michael to play with her some game, for which he promises a reward of 75,000 dollars. MacCauley thinks that this is a joke, but he finds the promised money and from this moment his quiet life ends. During the time when the train arrives at the destination site, Michael needs to solve the new formed problems, and understand what is happening on the train. Calm life turns into a real nightmare...

Truth or Dare (2018) Truth or Dare (2018)

A group of teenagers gathered in the house to play a game called Truth or Dare. They didn't suspect that this trip would change their lives and turn into a nightmare. Olivia begins to see strange things, reminiscent about the game. Three simple rules: if you lie — you die, you don't perform the action — you die, you refuse to play — you die...

Is there something stronger than love in this world? When two hearts are one it gives both partners an incredible power to create and enjoy every moment of life. Romance movies are not only about love, but also about many other emotions - jealousy, envy, sympathy. One can hardly imagine that it would be interesting to watch a man and a woman walking in the park more than two hours. If you choose romance movie for watching, be ready to go through the whole story with the main characters. No matter how strong is the feeling between them, not all of them will take test.

The behavior of the main characters is not always correct, and be ready to admire your favorite character one moment and condemn him some minutes later. One thing remains unchanged - romance movies help you to open up all your emotions. You will not feel exhausted at the end but will get a real pleasure and will remember all the moments of the movie.

If you prefer action movies where problems are solved using brute force then you will not be a fan of romance movies. However there are always two sides of the same coin. If a bad day happens to you a romance movie in a good quality can make it better.

You just have to know where to find it. A lot of movies are offered by many websites, but even the best movie can be spoiled by poor quality of a video. It's not worth the risk. Far from it. It's way more accurate to visit our website to find a huge list of modern romance movies in HD quality. What will happen to the main characters, and what will be end of the movie? Sometimes it remains unpredictable till the very last minutes, and it keeps you interested to the end to the movie. No need to say moviemakers understand that there should be some funny episodes in such movies. Watching romance movies makes you forget about your everyday problems.

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