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Suicide Squad (2016) Suicide Squad (2016)

Throughout the world, there are many dangerous criminals who will sit in prisons for the rest of their lives, but intelligence officer Amanda Waller thinks differently. What if we take the most dangerous criminals and make them a real team that can perform tasks of special importance. The Suicide Squad consisted of such characters: psychiatrist Harley Quinn, who, due to manipulations of the Joker, went insane, a killer who counts hundreds of lives Deadshot, gangster El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, cannibal with reptilian skin Killer Croc and master of ropes Slipknot. Suicide Squad gets a task: to carry out missions of international scale, but that none of them would want to escape, they are implanted into the neck with a nano-bomb, which can explode at any moment of disobedience or escape of one of the squad. The team of criminals has nothing to lose; they are ready to fulfill any task, this time the Suicide Squad will fight with Enchantress. They'll have losses, but thanks to their abilities, they can become a real and horrific Suicide Squad, for which death will become a gift, because they don't want to spend all their life in prison...

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018) Pacific Rim 2: Uprising (2018)

Ten years ago we already fought with huge alien monsters, we created our monsters and entered into the battle, but the monsters again decided to attack our planet and now a new generation of pilots is on the defense. Alien monsters have become even larger, and the previous battle was only the beginning of a new war. Among the new pilots is a young guy Jake Pentecost, after a successful first battle he finished his studies, and became a criminal, but a new threat forces him to start training again. The new version of the monsters that we created has a powerful force and nano weapons that can repel any enemy. But will the battle be so easy?..

Ready Player One (2018) Ready Player One (2018)

The action of this exciting movie unfolds in 2045, when the world's population suffers from chaos and overpopulation. Many people have found a way out of the situation, and every day they spent their lives in a virtual world (a game called OASIS). James Donovan Halliday, the founder of the virtual game, hid the Easter Egg, whoever can find it will receive a reward of $500 billion. All the inhabitants of the planet decide to take part in this quest, and the young guy Wade Owen Watts, is no exception. He spends a lot of time in a virtual game, and tries to find a treasure that will bring him a fortune. Get ready, the game begins...

Insidious 4: The Last Key (2018) Insidious 4: The Last Key (2018)

During the three previous movies, Elice Rainer, despite all the danger, helped people, she has an extraordinary gift – to see otherworldly forces, and she can communicate with the dead and drive away evil spirits. Many times she could have died, but fate gave her a new chance, because she must perform one more task. One day, Elice approached by a man who believes that something strange, terrible and supernatural dwells in his family's house; Elice goes into his house with her assistants. Soon she'll understand that this is the home of her childhood, from that moment she learned that she is endowed with certain abilities – to talk with the dead, travel in the astral and drive out the evil spirit. Can Elice overcome her fears and help the family?..

No matter how many cool movies the true movie lover has seen, that will not be enough. And that is great because watching your favorite movie is not just a good way to relax but also a way to learn something new. Take for example biography and history movies from our website released in 2013 and available in the highest quality only. They are very informative and tell about events that took place long time ago. Such movies are based on true facts, and a huge number of people work hard to produce them.

If you do not like such movies, and you just want to relax watching a funny comedy we have good news for you. The collections of movies is regularly updating on our site. There are an incredible number of funny moments that will make you laugh. 2013 pleased us with a lot of really cool comedies - "We're the Millers", "The Big Wedding", "The Internship" and others. You will definitely have a good choice.

As to the figures more than 600 movies of different genres were released in 2013. Some of them remained unnoticed and you will not find such movies on our website because we choose only the best for our audience. Movies which are available on our website have very interesting storylines, professional actors, and a lot of special effects. A lot of movies mix several genres, for example, comedy and romance, thriller and fantasy. They have moments to laugh at, and to empathize with the main characters, and where to think seriously.

One of the most expected movies of 2013 was "Fast & Furious 6" which combines a cool plot, many action scenes that occur at exclusively high speeds. All you need for enjoyment is to sit in a chair, start watching this movie online on our website and imagine yourself to be one of the main characters. And now you are flying to all adventures. Will they be pleasant or not? It comes down to luck.

Another movie that you should pay attention to is the third part of the "Iron Man", telling about a talented inventor and a very rich man Tony Stark. Movie critics have different opinions of the first two parts of the movie, but the fact that sequel of the movie is produced proves it has his fans.

For fantasy lovers "Elysium" was released in 2013. The main role was acted by Matt Damon who does not need a presentation. Watching this movie you can go to a far future where world's population is divided into 2 warring camps. You can always watch this movie, as well as several hundred other movies we have on our site. The quality of each movie is exceptionally high, the voice acting is professional. If you want to watch a movie with your family you'd better choose movies like "Smurfs 2" and "Despicable Me 2". Adventure movies fans will definitely be pleased with the next part of the "The Hobbit". The list of honorable movies released in 2013 can be continued endlessly and it's much easier now to make a real holiday by choosing one of the movies on our site and enjoying it.