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Skyscraper (2018) Skyscraper (2018)

Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent, lose his leg while performing the secret operation, now he is engaged in protection and security consultant. He is hired by the owner of the tallest skyscraper in the world, The Pearl, 240 stories high, to finds flaws in the security system. Armed gang sneaks into the skyscraper and sets it on fire, now Will needs to save not only his family, but also the rest of the inhabitants of a separate city in the center of the metropolis...

Action Point (2018) Action Point (2018)

D.C. decides to change the concept of his amusement park — Action Point. This unpopular and unknown place he decides to reconstruct on the principle: minimum safety — maximum fun. A lot of people who don't worry about their health and aren't afraid to get injured, go to a new park in search of new sensation...

Going in Style (2017) Going in Style (2017)

Three friends Willie, Joe and Albert have lived a long life; they are real friends who spend all their time together. They live in New York in a small room, every day they watch TV, walk in the park during the day and wait for the next allowance. Once Joe came to the bank and became a hostage, unknown people robbed the bank, now he has some financial problems, but they need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Three friends were left without money, the situation was hopeless and none of them had violated the law before, but now they are ready to do everything to get their money back. After watching various programs on TV, Willy has an idea - why they can't rob a bank? Albert and Joe didn't support this idea, but Willie still has time to convince her friends. They begin to create a plan for robbery, alibis and think through all the details and to believe that they can rob a bank, first of all they decide to take out products from the store, but that was a bad idea. They'll have to turn to professionals who robbed the bank before, they need good preparation, but since they have nothing to lose in life, they are ready to accept any result of the robbery, no matter whether they succeed or not...

Life (2017) Life (2017)

Mankind has been trying for many years to find another, extraterrestrial life on neighboring planets, we are giving a signal to space, and we are waiting for an answer. A group of scientists and researchers set out on a mission to the planet Mars, in the soil of the planet they find something living, a simple form of life - this is a success, a sensational discovery that will change the view of humanity, we'll be confident that we are not alone in the Universe. To complete the mission, the team of astronauts needs to deliver a sample to the planet Earth for further investigation, but no one could imagine what this form of life is capable of. Scientists of the ISS decide to make several experiments on the spacecraft. The creature from the planet Mars was in hibernation, but they managed to wake him up. Now the team begins its research, and it soon becomes clear that the unknown life form is growing at an incredible rate. They gave him the name Calvin, thinking that he would become a friend for them, but one by one he starts killing the ISS team. The purpose of the mission has changed - Calvin shouldn't come to the planet Earth, now the future of mankind depends on the ISS team...

In 2011 a lot of movies were released. Many of them are to be reviewed again and again, and the rest could simply be forgotten as a terrible dream. The only good thing is that there were more good movies than bad.

One of the best movies in 2011 was the comedy "The Intouchables", based on a true story. This movie tells about the very extraordinary friendship between two people who are absolutely different at first sight. One of them has just got out of prison, and the other is confined to a wheelchair and needs a constant care. What happens to this friendship? Most of us know the answer, but if you have not seen this gorgeous movie yet - you're lucky, because you have the opportunity to experience all emotions for the first time with the actors.

"The Artist" sends us to 1927 in Hollywood, the breakdown of silent cinematography. It tells about the fate of the actor named George, who could not accept the fact that the silent cinema becomes a past. There is a place for drama and love in this movie and all the lovers of melodramas will get a real pleasure.

The movie "Warrior" tells about the youngest son of a former actor who had serious problems with alcohol, but decided to take part in a mixed martial arts mega tournament. To be well prepared he asks his father for a help. But he does not know what challenge he will face. He is about to meet his older brother in the ring.

The real opening of this year, according to critics, was the movie "Source Code." The main character of the movie is a soldier who gets into another person's body. He has one important goal - to find out who is responsible for the train explosion. There is one serious problem. He has to live that unfortunate day through again and again. The acting of Jake Gyllenhaal and the wonderful plot makes this movie really memorable.

And, of course, do not forget about the next part of "Harry Potter". What a future can bring to him? Another test and a new battle, where he has to win. Watching so many movies of 2011 can be very long and it can even become boring. The only one important nuance is not to watch the movies in poor quality. It will spoil cool and exciting movie. However, you can always fix this situation by choosing movies on Watch these movies for free and at any convenient time. If you want, you can always download the movie you like on your PC, in order to see it later in a good company and relaxed atmosphere. Watching, downloading, commenting and other actions on our site are completely free and will not even require registration. So what are you waiting for? Download the first movie from our catalog, and watch the best movies of 2011 non-stop.