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Night School (2018) Night School (2018)

Each of us made mistakes in his youth. Teddy Walker has to attend night school to pass the GED exam to finish high school and find a new high-paying job...

Warcraft (2016) Warcraft (2016)

Over the years, Azeroth's lands were safe, there were no wars, but the military commander of Stormwind Kingdom, Anduin Lothar, feels that danger is approaching; dark forces can attack their home. Warlock Gul'dan wants to save the Horde, their world is dying, there is nowhere to go back, and they need to find new livable land. With the help of the portal, all orc clans found themselves near human lands, and now they are destroying villages, killing civilians and preparing an attack on Stormwind Kingdom. The brave warrior Durotan (orc chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan) and Anduin Lothar must join forces and fight against the army of Gul'dan (Shadowmoon orc warlock)...

Zootopia (2016) Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia - a real urban jungle, the most beautiful, diverse and friendly city, in which there are many kinds of animals. For everyone here is created especially comfortable for him climate, its natural habitat, this is a real paradise for animals. Rabbit Judy Hopps works for the police the first day, and immediately meet a cunning red fox named Nick Wilde. If he doesn't want to be arrested, he should help Judy solve one case. One animal was gone from the city, it’s unsettling the policeman, but he realizes that this isn't an isolated case. In Zootopia city there is a gang that has already abducted thirteen people. To search for missing inhabitants of Zootopia, Judy Hopps has 48 hours..

Hereditary (2018) Hereditary (2018)

Annie lives with her daughter Charlie in her mother's house, which recently died. But everyone still feels her presence in the house. Annie's mother was a secretive and withdrawn woman who was associated with witchcraft. Now a woman needs to know the world of dark magic to get rid of her inherited destiny...

It's always nice to watch movies taking them easy. In this case you can just laugh at jokes of popular actors before movie ending. You seem to enjoy watching the movie but at the same time it seems to you that something is missing. There is a lack of psychological component that is inherent in most dramatic movies.

No problem! You can always visit our website and choose the "Drama" genre. Serious conflict situations are displayed in such movies and getting out of them seems to be quite difficult. Unlike other genres of modern cinematography a special focus is placed on the feelings of heroes, their plights and the challenges they face. Going through these problems and taking care of them is very difficult on the one hand, but on the other hand character is made just this way. Even if the world is shown very easygoing and simple it is complicated enough in reality. We become parties of conflicts, worry for their successful resolution and feel their pain and psychological discomfort. Not the nicest feelings. Suddenly, when it seems we are facing unsolvable riddles we remember the hero of one of the dramas in the same situation. He found the way out of a difficult situation. You just repeat his actions - and everything moves in your favor.

Watching dramas is not just a pleasant way to spend time but also a chance to benefit from each movie. In the process of watching you understand that you are empathetic and able to feel love and not produce hatred. You can hardly find a plenty of special effects and other entertaining moments but the plot of the drama will make you stay in suspense until the very last minute of watching. You will understand that dramas teach us a lot, and appreciate life and every moment of it in particular. Many fans of this genre of movies do not have time to visit cinema. All they need is to visit our site to enjoy the best movies of the past and the modern movies.

Watch all the dramas on our site even without registration. All the movies of this and other genres are in good quality and free of charge.